November Art Update

As summer approaches the garden is getting very lush and is exerting its influence on my artwork. Leaves and flowers are creeping into the paintings. There has been a shift in my work away from previous themes towards a more personal, softer approach. My plans for 2016 include completing and exhibiting a series of works that have been inspired by the very creative women in my family. The natural forms from the garden and native bush beyond are also part of this exploration.

White flowers

In the last month it feels like the studio has been taken over with card and decoration making and other festive preparations. Throw some graphic design work into the mix, a couple of unexpected bouts of illness, and it all adds up to a chaotic but productive month.

I have been continuing to experiment with leaf printing. The green, purple and silver leaf print below ended up looking a bit like a Warhol screen print. Using leaves means the results are different each time and a certain element of chance is involved.

Leaves printed

The leaf motif has found its way onto some special handmade cards for family and friends. It’s fun to do some artwork just for giving and a nice way to wind down for the year. Here in New Zealand Christmas is often very warm, so bright colours feel just right for the approaching summer days.

Handpainted card

In the garden the feijoa trees are blooming and the strong blues of the cornflowers are attracting lots of bees and wasps. Our grapevine has burst forth and is trying to climb everywhere. All sorts of self-sown forget-me-nots, pansies and even wild strawberries have made an appearance. Unfortunately some over-zealous weed spraying by neighbours selling their house has poisoned our lovely passionfruit vine. I put a photo of one of the blooms on my Facebook artist page recently, but now every time I look at it I’m reminded of why I don’t use chemical sprays in our garden. If only everyone around us would do the same.


Feijoa flowers



Enjoy the holidays and time with loved ones everyone.