February 2016

Work in progress

It is late summer in New Zealand and my studio is baking. This time of year is busy with social and family commitments. An unexpected summer flu swept through our household and derailed many fine plans. So work has been progressing slowly and with many stops and starts. Above is a detail from a work in progress, it is 24 x 24 inch, acrylic on canvas. I have also been finishing a small panel painting for the fortieth birthday of a friend, pictured below. A few more touches and it will be done.

Painting for Xanthe

I am slightly obsessed with taking photos of the dawn and have been lucky to see some really beautiful sunrises this month. The sudden clearance of a large section of bush nearby has altered my usual dawn vista considerably. A highlight this month was a visit to Leigh north of Auckland, a lovely spot with many happy memories. On Sunday there was an incredible dawn of startling beauty at Leigh, here is one of the shots from that morning.

Leigh Sunrise