April 2018 Printmaking

Silver birch and sage for blog

Silver birch and Sage was made on a windy March day with plants from my garden. I also used fern, akeake and fennel in this image. I wanted to capture the movement of wind through the leaves which resulted in a looser technique. My latest work has included some softer, pale pieces such as this small painting on paper and some hand painted linocuts. I’ve made Silver Birch and Sage available to Patreon subscribers as this month’s downloadable artwork.

Celeste painting7SML

Celeste painting4SML

Filming and voice recording for my first artist video progressed over summer. Pictured above are a couple video stills. I felt out of my usual comfort zone doing this as I normally paint unobserved. I’m really looking forward to seeing it finished.

Small hand painted linocuts have also been a focus over the past two months as I have been experimenting with printmaking techniques that don’t involve using a printmaking press. I’m hoping to acquire a small press for my studio further down the track to expand my printmaking further.

Small handcoloured linocut

Some beautiful weather in March meant it was the perfect time to explore further afield than my own neighbourhood. Highlights included a visit to Albert Park which has a fantastic collection of trees, a stop at my old favourite the Wintergarden in the Auckland Domain, and a visit to the Gibbs Farm on the Kaipara Harbour.


Coleus in the Wintergarden

Albert Park coleus

Albert Park leaves


Horizons sculpture by Neil Dawson at the Gibbs Farm, Kaipara.

Stormy weather has returned to Auckland and many parts of New Zealand this week. A large number of trees have been toppled or damaged by high winds. Suddenly there is surfeit of leaves in my studio.

Ferns in blue postcard

My Huruwhenua (fern) postcard (pictured above) for the Twitter Art Exhibit is available for purchase online, along with numerous other art postcards from this charity exhibition. All proceeds benefit Pegasus Riding for the Disabled in ACT.

For Corokia Studio I have been making small artworks which are available from Felt. I’ve also added some paintings on paper for sale to the Corokia Studio shop section of this website.

FELT Blue painting1

Next month I will have the opportunity to do some work with some really interesting plants from further afield than New Zealand. I’m looking forward to seeing how a change of scene influences my artwork.

Celeste Sterling, April 2018

Celeste drawing in bush2SML

Easter 2018 artwork