A selection of artworks exhibited 1990’s – present

Tūpare Garland2

Tūpare – Garland, 2021 Estuary Art & Ecology Award exhibition, Malcolm Smith Gallery.


Haratua (May) 2021, Uxbridge Arts & Culture


Hanami – Flower Viewing 2020, Shared Lines project

Mangroves, Samphire and Reeds

Halophytes, 2019, Uxbridge Arts and Culture

Mānawa by Celeste Sterling

Mānawa, 2017 (Exhibited at Malcolm Smith Gallery, 2017 Estuary Art Awards)

Aestuarium, Sea

Aestuarium, Sea 2016

Aestuarium, Land

Aestuarium, Land 2016

Troposphere 2009 small

Troposphere, from a series on climate change. Exhibited at Artstation, 2009

Indian Summer

Indian Summer, Sydney 2008

Constellation large

Constellation 2001 (private collection)


Arcadia detail

Arcadia 2001 (private collection)


Amaranth, 2000 (private collection)


Aureole, 2000 (private collection)

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